Treasures of Truth CD

2GBG Music

Our original CD for children, families and churches celebrates gospel truths and accounts from the Bible in a fun and engaging way.  You'll be tapping your toes and singing along to these new songs (and a re-worked classic) which recount:  Creation, The Flood, The 10 Plagues of Egypt, The Battle of Jericho, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and essential truths about the Nature of God.  "Treasures of Truth" will help you praise God for who He is and what He's done.

15 Songs:  Tune Up Our Hearts, God Is the Hero, Absolutely Nothin', It's All There, And It Was So, The Animal Names, So It Rained, He Walked by Faith, God Keeps His Promises, Let My People Go!, The Grumbling Blues, Repent, Joshua (Fit the Battle of Jericho), The Way the Truth the Life, He Is Risen Indeed.


$ 11.99