Treasures of Truth 2 CD

15 new songs that are biblically sound and fun and engaging for the whole family.

$ 11.99

Welcome to our web site!  2GBG stands for "To God Be the Glory" and that is our aim.  The music and resources here are based on truths from the Bible, God's Holy Word.  Our initial releases are recordings for children, families, and churches. 


The much anticipated follow-up recording is now available!


A new collection of high quality biblical songs that features a fun variety of musical styles and singers.  "Treasures of Truth 2" will help you praise God for who He is and what He's done.

"Treasures of Truth 2" track listing:

1) It's a Great Day to Praise the Lord  2) Take a Walk with Jesus  3) Love the Lord Your God  4) Love Your Neighbor  5) In His Image  6) When I See a Rainbow  7) Too Many Frogs  8) The Red, Red Sea  9) Grumble Not  10) The 10 Commandments Song  11) Blessing or Cursing  12) Do Not Fear  13) It Was a Dark, Dark Day  14) The Wages and the Gift  15) Bible Recap.


From Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA (regarding Treasures of Truth):

"This music is exceptional in every sense. The tunes and arrangements are appealing to children and the words are biblical and memorable. I would recommend this music to every Christian family who has little ones and wants to give them instruction through music."